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5 Best 8-Gallon Shop Vac - Buying Guide and Reviews

There are so many situations in your everyday life that will require an 8-gallon shop vac. Anyone who owns a house or has a workshop would appreciate the different things it helps clean up. Because of its big capacity, it will efficiently contain a lot more debris than an ordinary hand held shop vac. These wet and dry vacuums have been designed to work best for particular tasks, for example, dealing with fine dust, wet messes, cars, workshops and the like. If it is your first time shopping for a shop vac, this guide can help you choose the right fit for the tasks you will be performing with it.

5 Best 8 Gallon Shop Vac Comparison

What to look out for?


These are the added tools that come with the shop vac to help you perform certain functions, for example, sucking up dirt in tight spaces would need a crevice tool. It is important that you get an 8-gallon shop vac that will come with the accessories you will need because if it doesn’t you will need to consider buying the particular tools. You should note that while most shop vacs can use accessories from other vacuums but the high-end ones will need special accessories designed for the particular model and they tend to be more expensive than the others.

The length of cord and hose

It is very important that you have the right length of hose and cord. These two determine how far you can reach as you vacuum. A short cord would mean that you add an extension cable or keep on switching sockets as you vacuum in order to get to different parts of the area you are vacuuming. Cords and hoses under 6 feet long will be a big disadvantage in most cases. But at the same time you should know that if the hose is too long, it will affect the suction.


It is great to have a blower integrated into the shop vac since you can also use it to clear the driveway of leaves or blow dirt that you may be unable to suck up. But at the same time, it is important that you know that blowers may also let dirt escape into the air. If the shop vac you buy has a blower, it is best to use a collection bag when vacuuming dust, especially fine dust so that it does not escape into the air.


Filters are a very important component of a shop vac. Ensure that you get the best filter possible. Vacs with HEPA filters are the best but there are others that are just as good when it comes to dealing with dust and ensuring clean air. Sometimes it may also be necessary to have a filter protection to ensure the filter lasts longer. You should also know that filters protect the motor from getting spoilt by dust.


An 8-gallon shop vac will naturally have a big tank so you need to consider if you have the kind of space to store it. They are not all shaped the same, some are shorter than others which makes it easier to slide them under the sink while others may have a slim body so they can be stored in narrow spaces. It is important to keep the shop vac out of the way where you will not trip over it. Many of them also come with storage for the accessories, these are good choices because you will always know where to find the tools and it avoids clutter in your workshop, garage or home.

What you can use an 8-gallon shop vac for

If you are wondering whether you really need an 8-gallon shop vac, here are some of the things you can use one for.

  • In the home, an 8-gallon shop vac can serve as a main vacuum
  • The powerful suction with big storage is ideal for dealing with floods like those caused by a leaking pipe or melting ice from the fridge
  • When cleaning a truck or RV, the 8-gallon tank is fitting since you will not have to empty the tank as you vacuum
  • If you do a lot of woodwork that leaves sawdust and other residue, an 8-gallon vac will be appropriate
  • For a person with lots of pets that shed fur, the suction and storage is just right.

Care and maintenance

In most cases you should be able to find this information in the instruction manual of the shop vac however, there are certain basic maintenance tips you should follow:

  • Clean the filter every after use according to the manufacturer's recommendation for cleaning
  • Try your best to keep dust out of the motor
  • When dealing with wet messes, make sure you use the right filter as the dry filter should not be used for liquids or it will get spoiled
  • Use the recommended power voltage socket as too much or too little power can spoil the machine

Recommended 5 Best 8-Gallon Shop Vac Reviews

Shop-Vac 5986100 Stainless Steel Wet Dry Vacuum

Shop Vac 5986100 8-Gallon

Editor Rating:

It does what you expect a shop vac to do. The powerful suction will ensure that you suck up whatever mess you are cleaning up and the dolly makes it easy to move the unit around. Unlike some other shop vacs on wheels that may easily tip over, this one is quite stable on the ground. It has onboard storage for the accessories and it can be stored away easily.

Its stainless steel body makes it easy to clean and gives it durability. Like most shop vacs, it can serve as a blower as well, just connect the blower tool to the rear port.

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel body
  • 5.5 peak horsepower motor
  • 12-foot power cord
  • Comes with necessary tools and has onboard tool storage for the tools
  • Detachable wheels


  • It provides powerful suction that gets the job done quickly and properly
  • ​The unit is quite stable so no threat of it tipping over as you pull it around
  • ​It comes with a filter and collection bag
  • It is reasonably priced
  • 8-gallon capacity is a lot of space so you can do more cleaning without emptying the unit


  • A number of people complain that the lid is not tight so you cannot carry it with the top handle

Shop-Vac 5980800 Quiet Plus Series Wet Dry Vacuum

Shop-Vac 5980800

Editor Rating:

It is a great product with the ability to handle both dry and wet messes. Its suction is pretty impressive and there are accessories to make the different tasks easier to perform. The accessory tools can be stored onboard, that way you can always have access to them. The wheels work well so it is easy to move the vac around as you vacuum and there are top and side handles in case you are in an area where you cannot use the wheels.

Highlighted Features

  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor with strong suction
  • 7-foot hose with extension wands
  • Onboard storage for the different accessory tools
  • 6-foot power cord
  • Rear port acts as a blower
  • Top and side carry handles
  • Comes with necessary tools including filter, collection bag, crevice tool, gulper, and squeegee


  • Powerful suction that gets the job done well and quick
  • 8-gallon shop vac tank helps you vacuum for long without having to empty the tank
  • ​It can be used as a blower
  • ​It is light weight
  • Durable


  • It has quiet plus written on it but it is not quiet at all

Shop-Vac 5866110

Editor Rating:

If you are dealing with fine dust like drywall dust, you will find this 8-gallon shop vac to be very good at dealing with that. It combines strong suction and impressive filtration to ensure dust does not escape. It is also good with wet messes and has a long hose that enables you to reach farther than other shop vacs would reach. The power cord too is long .

You can clean your entire garage without having to switch sockets and probably if your home is not so large, you will not have to do so much switching of sockets either as you vacuum.

Highlighted Features

  • 5.5 peak horsepower motor for strong suction
  • HEPA filtration to ensure clean air
  • 8-gallon collection tank
  • Long 18-foot power cable
  • 12-foot lock-on hose
  • Stainless steel body
  • Can be used as a blower


  • It provides strong suction that cleans up drywall dust quickly
  • Good filters that keep fine dust inside
  • The long power cord and hose make it easy to reach a wider area
  • It comes with a number of accessory tools
  • It manages both wet and dry messes very well


  • There is nowhere to keep the accessory tools

Shop-Vac 5950800 Wet/Dry Vacuum Yellow/Black

Shop-Vac 5950800

Editor Rating:

For an 8-gallon shop vac, this 5950800 is quite cheap and yet it performs impressively. It has powerful suction for both wet and dry messes, it can be used for big jobs as well as small ones and it has all the tools you would need to get the job done. It is an impressive vac at a good price and will outperform a number of home vacuums.

Highlighted Features

  • Filter minder to keep track of the filter system
  • 8-gallon capacity tank
  • 4.0 peak horsepower motor with strong suction
  • 8-foot hose that locks well onto the unit
  • Plenty of accessory tools including filter cartridge, collection filter bag for fine dust, wet and dry nozzle and crevice nozzle
  • 4 small wheels with swivel
  • Top carry handle
  • Reduced noise while operating


  • The filter system is effective at trapping dust
  • 8-gallon tank is big enough to handle clean up after a big project
  • ​The operation is quiet
  • ​It can convert into a blower in a few seconds
  • The hose can be wrapped around the unit for storage


  • The power cord is too short for a heavy duty shop vac.

Shop-Vac 2975979 BullDog Equipment Hand Tools

Editor Rating:

The manufacturer made this shop vac with car enthusiast in mind. The long hose and power cord were designed so that you can reach different corners of the vehicle with ease. If you are wondering why an 8-gallon tank for a vehicle vac, well this is not just for the ordinary 5 seater, we are talking trucks and RVs which may have a bit more dust in there. 

It has powerful suction and all the tools you would need. It is more expensive than most of the other shop vac on this list but worth the investment

Highlighted Features

  • Low noise level
  • 8-gallon plastic tank
  • 6-foot power cord
  • 4.5 peak horsepower motor
  • 10-foot hose for greater reach
  • Top carry handle
  • Wheels for better mobility


  • It does not make as much noise as other shop vacs
  • Powerful suction that gets the job done quickly
  • It comes with versatile and useful tools
  • ​It is easy to move around
  • ​Compact but has ample capacity
  • Does not let dust escape into the air
  • The long hose gives ample reach


  • The cord should have been a bit longer

Final Verdict

Powerful suction is so much better when you have a big capacity collection tank and that is what an 8-gallon shop vac will provide you. Depending on what you want to use the vac for, you can choose anyone of these recommended models. The Bulldog will be ideal for cars, RVs as well as TVs and other electronic gadgets, the 5866110 is ideal for fine dust since it has the kind of filtration system that can deal with such small particles and stainless steel vacs are generally more resilient when it comes to taking knocks or drops. Simply compare the features of the shop vac with what you are looking for and you will find your perfect fit.

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