Shop Vac 5872410 Review

Shop Vac 5872410 Review

If I were to recommend a shop vac that is light weight and yet still capable of producing as much power as the bigger and more expensive ones, this would be what I would recommend. By the time you get to the last full stop of this Shop Vac 5872410 review, you should be able to see why it may be a good choice for you. I have always longed for an alternative to my bulky home vacuum and I feel this can work just fine.

Shop Vac 5872410

Who is it made for?

Are you the kind of person who vacuums a lot of wet and dry messes around the home, car or workshop? Are you looking for a powerful shop vac that is not too big or heavy for you to carry around? Do you want a shop vac with a long power cord that will give you more freedom to move around? Well if your answer is yes to these questions then this 5872410 was designed for people like you.

Features and Benefits of Shop Vac 5872410

Strong suction

With strong suction, you can get done with vacuuming quickly and most messes do not stand a chance. The 5.5 peak horsepower is strong enough to lift liquid and leave the surface almost dry and in some cases, the surface will actually be dry by the time you are done vacuuming. Fine dust particles that usually get away with other vacuums will also be sucked up by the strong motor. You can even use it to pick up nuts and screws in your workshop or broken glass in the kitchen.

Long cord

The shop vac 5872410 comes with a 20-foot power cord, I find that to be practical for a vacuum that is to be portable because there is a wider radius that can be covered without having to switch sockets or add an extension cable. For most workshops, homes, and cars, this is ample cord length. It also means that if you attached an extension to it, you would have more than enough reach for ordinary sized spaces. Just be careful if there are other people around as you vacuum because they could trip over the cord.

Blower port

The blower feature saves you the cost of buying a blower separately. With the simple attachment of a blower hose on the rear port, the vacuum can be used to blow leaves in the yard or stubborn waste that is better blown than sucked. I think this would be useful when detailing the interior of the car as well as getting rid of moisture on outdoor furniture. Since the electric cord is long, you can simply add an extension and us it in the yard instead of a rake or broom.

Easy to carry around

The Shop Vac 5872410 is designed with portability in mind. The handle is positioned in such a way that it balances out the weight so even if the tank is full, you will not feel the entire 5 gallons. The switch is also placed conveniently at the top where you can operate with your thumb. If you are a handyman who likes to carry a shop vac to your site, you will find the shape of the vacuum makes it easy to fit in the trunk of your car and it takes up little space.


I like to think that when you find a tool that serves you well, you will want it to keep on doing that for a long while. That is probably the same philosophy of Shop Vac because they have designed this Right Stuff shop vac to last long especially if you follow the proper maintenance procedure. With a manufacturer’s warranty of 4 years, this should be a sign of confidence in their product. When buying any product, I usually go for those with long warranty periods since that means if anything goes wrong I can get a replacement or it will be fixed with no cost to me.


  • The long power cord
  • Strong suction despite its small size
  • The filter is easy to remove and fit
  • It is easy to store in small spaces
  • The positioning of the handle balances the weight even when it is full
  • Onboard storage makes it easy to carry around to different cleaning sites.


  • The hose is rather short and it comes with only 2 other tools

Highlighted Features

  • 20-foot power cord which allows mobility
  • Firm grip top handle with the on-off switch easily accessible with the thumb
  • Powerful 5.5 peak horsepower motor
  • Onboard storage for accessory tools
  • Blower port on the back
  • Onboard hose and cord wrap
  • Lightweight (7 pounds)
  • Wet and dry filter

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.Does this shop vac have wheels?

A.No there are no wheels on this but maybe with some innovation, you can add some.

Q.What kind of filter does it have?

A.It comes with ultra web filters


The Shop Vac 5872410 is a portable shop vac with strong suction which gives you ample reach with its long cord. If you have a workshop or are a handy man, this is ideal for cleaning up after doing reconstruction and woodwork. It is also easy to move around when cleaning your car and the blower can be used for detailing the car as well as blowing leaves on the driveway. It is one of the most powerful 5-gallon shop vacs.

Andy Evans

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