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5 Best Shop Vac For Dust Collection - Buying Guide & Reviews


If you are mainly dealing with dust, especially fine dust particles, you cannot just use any vacuum and expect it to do a good job. Shop vacs for dust have special features that enable them not just suck up the dust, but also manage it within the vacuum to prevent pollution. There are a number of vacuums that are presented as being able to handle dust but our research shows that not all of them live up to the expectations.

To save you the disappointment of choosing the wrong one, we have compiled a list of the best shop vacs for dust collection. You will realize that the suction and filtration of these vacuums is designed to ensure the surfaces and air around the place you vacuum is left dust free.

5 Best Shop Vac For Dust Collection Comparison

How to Choose The Best Shop Vac For Dust Collection

Filter System

When it comes to dust collection, the filter system needs to be designed specifically to handle all kinds of dust but like we said earlier, fine dust is a big problem and the way the Shop Vac deals with this dust can determine its effectiveness. You should consider the following.

  • How well it retains the dust
  • Does it have a filter bag for dust collection
  • Does the filter get clogged easily of is there a protection mechanism

Suction Power

The only way a shop vac for dust collection can collect dust is if it is able to suck it up. Usually, the peak horsepower can tell you how well it is able to do this. Motor suction power of at least 2.5 horsepower should be sufficient to handle the dust even if it may be wet or dry or mixed with other debris. But some other factors to consider are:

  • The airflow of the vacuum
  • The size of the hose
  • The amount of power the motor can take in watts

Accessory Tools

An ideal best shop Vac for dust collection needs to have all the necessary tools to ensure it can suck up all the dust, regardless of the surface. Different tools offer an advantage on particular surfaces for example.

  • The crevice tool is handy in tight spaces like between cushions in a car and cracks
  • The brush tool helps to loosen dust that may have dried or lodged on a carpet
  • The floor tool is obviously good for getting dust off the floor


The size of the tank should be an important consideration because if the tank is too small, you will have to empty it often if you are doing major cleanup. At the same time if the tank is too big, it will contribute to the overall weight, so you should consider how big you need the tank to be. Most people on average go with a 5-gallon tank which is not too big or too small. But it is up to you and what you need.

Length of the hose and cord

Dust has the ability to fly and settle all over the room so it is important that you are able to reach every area of the room. Consider how large the room you will be using the Shop Vac for dust collection is and then see if the length of the hose and power cord is sufficient to give you the needed reach or will you need to get an extension cable to be able to use the same socket and still cover the required radius of the area you are cleaning up. It can be very frustrating realizing that the cord and hose are just not long enough to reach wherever you intend to clean.

Other Considerations

  • Price is also a big consideration as you want to be able to get something that you can afford but also something that is worth the money
  • It is also important that the shop vac you get I durable. Choose one with a warranty of more than 1 year
  • If you will be moving around a lot, It is important that you get a shop vac that allows you easy mobility in terms of weight or added features like wheels and handles.

Recommended 5 Best Shop Vac For Dust Collection Reviews

Shop-Vac 5951400

Editor Rating:

When dealing with dust, it is always important to keep an eye on the filter because that will affect performance. The Shop Vac 5951400 has a feature that can alert you if the filter may need to be changed or cleaned and this ensures optimum performance. 

The suction is also impressive with its strong motor and despite the size and power, it is reasonably quieter than so many other shop vacs for dust. Most of the tools it comes with a suited for dealing with dust and over 70 percent of consumer reviews praise this shot vac for its impressive performance.

Key Features

  • Filter Minder to help keep an eye on the condition of the filter
  • 6.5 peak horsepower motor for strong suction
  • 14-gallon capacity tank
  • Cartridge filter and collection filter bag
  • 8-foot hose that can be locked on along with other accessory tools like extension wand, crevice tool, and floor nozzle
  • Tool basket that keeps the tools handy
  • 12-foot power cord


  • Strong suction that gets the dust sucked up quickly
  • The filter minder ensures you deal with clogging before it happens
  • Although it is powerful, the sound from the motor will not affect your hearing
  • The long power cord and hose make it easy to reach far without having to switch sockets
  • It manages dust well without letting it escape


  • It can be a burden when you have to vacuum stairs and it cannot sit on a step so you need to carry it the whole time.
Shop-Vac 9621500

Editor Rating:

This is a 2 in one Shop Vac for dust. You can choose to use it as a 14-gallon vacuum or transform it into a 2.5 gallon, handheld vacuum simply by detaching the portable top. It will maintain a very high suction whichever way you use it. 

This makes it easy to switch from vacuuming a garage to vacuuming the chairs of the car. It also has the option of large or small filters that come with retainers to ensure impressive performance. The Shop-Vac 9621500 really earns its spot on the list of top recommended shop vac for dust with its combination of features and performance at a competitive price.

Key Features

  • Hypoallergenic filter for fine dust
  • Inbuilt 2.5-gallon portable shop vac
  • 5.5 peak horsepower motor
  • Large and small filters with dust collection filter bag
  • Wet and dry debris capability
  • 14-gallon tank, good for flood water and can be drained from the back
  • 8 foot hose with added accessories for cleaning different surfaces


  • The filters can handle allergens and microbes in the dust to keep the air clean.
  • The built-in portable vac is a very welcome bonus (like buy one and get one free)
  • Its suction is amazing according to customer reviews
  • Sucks up wet debris which prevents the growth of mold
  • It drains flood water very effectively
  • Comes with a 4-year warranty


  • All the wheels are small and they swivel which makes it hard to pull in the direction you want
Shop-Vac - Wall Mount Vac 3942010

Editor Rating:

If you do not like the idea of having to walk around carrying the Shop Vac or dragging it around, then you will like this Wall mountable vac with its long hose that will allow you to have a centralized cleaning point while you go around sucking up as much dust as its powerful motor allows. The 3942010 comes with a large bag to store the tools so that your garage or workshop can remain tidy and you can easily find the tools when you need them.

If on the other hand, you would like to use it somewhere else where you cannot mount it, there is a top foldable handle and the unit is not too heavy for the occasional lift to a different area.

Key Features

  • Collection filter bag for fine dust
  • 18-foot hose for free movement while cleaning
  • 5-gallon capacity collection tank
  • 5 peak horsepower motor
  • Variety of tools including round brush, 12-inch nozzle with brush, crevice tool, squeegee and extension wand.
  • Tool storage bag that can be mounted on the wall for neat storage


  • The filter bag prevents fine dust from escaping into the air
  • The long hose allows for a wider cleaning area while the unit is mounted
  • The 5HP motor provides very powerful suction
  • It is convenient not having to carry the unit around
  • The tank capacity is big yet not heavy


  • It does not have wheels so if you are moving it around you need to carry it
Shop-Vac 5950600

Editor Rating:

This is a shop vac that is easy to use and easy on the ears as well. It is one of the quieter shop vacs for dust. The motor may have less horsepower than some of the other best shop vacs for dust collection but that does not affect its ability to suck up dust efficiently. 

The filter has a filter minder which allows you to keep track of the filter system and keep the Vac performing at optimum capacity. This 5950600 handles not just dust but also wet debris, it can serve as a good vacuum for the workshop, home or office.

Key Features

  • Filter minder to keep track of the filter system
  • 6-gallon capacity tank
  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor with strong suction
  • 8-foot hose that locks well onto the unit
  • Plenty of accessory tools including filter cartridge, collection filter bag for fine dust, wet and dry nozzle and crevice nozzle
  • 4 small wheels with swivel
  • Top carry handle
  • Reduced noise while operating


  • The filter system is effective at trapping dust
  • It has a number of useful tools
  • The operation is quiet
  • It can convert into a blower in a few seconds
  • All accessories can be stored onboard


  • The power cord measures only 6 feet
  • If the filter is not well inserted, dust can end up flying out
Shop-Vac 5950800

Editor Rating:

This shop vac for dust collection is quite similar to the 5950600, they are actually part of the same hardware series by Shop-Vac but the 5950800 is actually an improved model in terms of its horsepower and capacity. It is ideal for someone who would like the extra capacity and motor power at a small increase in the price. 

Its ability to handle dust is quite effective and if there is dust in a corner that may be hard to suck up, you can use the blower feature to blow out of the corner and then suck it up.

Key Features

  • Filter minder to keep track of the filter system
  • 8-gallon capacity tank
  • 4.0 peak horsepower motor with strong suction
  • 8-foot hose that locks well onto the unit
  • Plenty of accessory tools including filter cartridge, collection filter bag for fine dust, wet and dry nozzle and crevice nozzle
  • 4 small wheels with swivel
  • Top carry handle
  • Reduced noise while operating


  • The filter system is effective at trapping dust
  • 8-gallon tank is big enough to handle clean up after a big project
  • The operation is quiet
  • It can convert into a blower in a few seconds
  • The hose can be wrapped around the unit for storage


  • The power cord is too short for a heavy duty shop vac.

Final Verdict

All the 5 best shop vac for dust collection are quite effective when it comes to handling dust as well as wet debris. When you have to make a choice it may come down to capacity and price when making a choice although the Shop-Vac 9621500 does have the inbuilt portable unit as a great bargain, but you may be interested in one with more reach and the 3942010 is impressive with it long hose and the ability to hang on the wall. In the end, it is down to what you prefer, but any of these will collect dust efficiently.

Andy Evans

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