Shop Vac 2030100 Review


Sometimes I find the need for a small portable shop vac that can handle simple tasks like sucking up a mess in the kitchen or doing a quick cleanup of the car and cleaning the workshop tabletops of sawdust and debris. This shop vac fits perfectly into that description and it is not expensive so it can serve as a secondary vacuum. If you are interested in purchasing one, pay close attention to this shop vac 2030100 review.

Shop Vac 2030100 Review

Who is it made for?

If you are looking for something portable, easy to store and use, then you could consider this a good choice. The kind of person who would appreciate this product is a car owner or a person working in a workshop and needs to clean up after working. It is also good for homeowners who need a secondary vacuum to handle small cleaning tasks.

Features & Benefits of Shop Vac 2030100


With a small 1.2-gallon tank and weight of 5.6 pounds, you will find it easy to carry the shop vac around. It also has a foldable top carry handle so that one of your hands lifts the unit and the other directs the hose as you vacuum. While vacuuming, you barely feel the weight of the vac. You can add an extension cord if you do not have a socket within 6 feet of the mess you are cleaning up.

Wall mountable

The shop vac 2030100 comes with a bracket that you can install on the wall so that you can store the unit on the wall. This saves space in your workshop or garage and keeps it away from getting kicked or tripped over when you are not using it. You may not be able to use it while it is mounted since the hose is not that long. The bracket is easy to install and it comes with instructions in case you are not sure how to go about it.

Ample suction

This vacuum has motor suction power of 2.0 peak horsepower. You may think that is not as much as some of the other larger vacs but you would be amazed by how efficiently it will deal with dust. It can effectively clean a workshop of a carpet of sawdust and other finer particles of dust or suck up spills in the kitchen and you can even use it to unblock a clogged sink. If you have a pet that shades a lot of fur, this vacuum will provide sufficient suction to removes pet hair from furniture, carpets and the floor.

Can be used as a blower

The rear port is used as a blower, simply attach the hose to this port and you can use it to blow leaves, dust and for small amounts of water on the floor or boards, you can blow them dry. It is a good substitute for a broom in certain situations for example if the driveway is dusty, you can just blow the dust off the driveway and save time. Just take note that blowing dust can release it into the air so if you have allergies, cover your nose.

Accessory storage

Just like the unit that can be stored on the wall, the accessories too can be hung on a special hook for accessories. Clutter in a workshop or in your garage can be a big problem but with such a feature you will have the accessories neatly on the wall and it makes it much easier when vacuuming since every tool is kept in the same place. The hook has to be screwed onto the wall and it is much easier if you install it on wood.


  • It is light weight and portable
  • Easy to store away whether on the wall or on a shelf in a workshop
  • Powerful suction
  • Reasonably priced
  • It has onboard storage for the hose and other tools
  • It does not tip over easily


  • The 6-foot cord should have been a bit longer

Key Features

  • 2 peak horsepower motor
  • 1.5-gallon capacity tank
  • Foldable handle for portability and easy storage
  • Wall bracket
  • Hose and tool holder
  • Light 5.6 pounds weight
  • Dry and wet filter
  • Versatile accessories
  • Sucks and blows air
  • Reusable disc filter and foam sleeve
  • 4 feet lock on hose

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does this vacuum have batteries?

A. No this is entirely operated by electricity.

A. Does it Use a bag?

A. It is bagless with only a cover for the filter.


This shop vac is mainly designed to be portable. If you want a portable shop vac with sufficient power to carry out simple tasks, then you may like this one. The small size makes it easy to carry around while using the foldable handle and its 2.0 horsepower is more than enough suction for simple tasks. You probably will also like the fact that you do not have to search for storage space since it can be mounted on the wall.

Andy Evans

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