Shop Vac 5986000 Review

I had bought a number of cheap ordinary vacuums for the house but got disappointed by their suction power so I decided to research on wet and dry vacuums that cost under 100 dollars. I was told Shop Vacs are the best so that narrowed down my search. After going through a number of reviews I chanced upon the Shop Vac 5986000 review. It was not just that this fitted into my budget, but it also has impressive suction and is stainless steel which meant it would last long and act as an all round vacuum cleaner for the house from the basement to the living room and the car as well for under 70 dollars.

Shop Vac 5986000

Who is it made for?

This 5986000 shop vac would suit you if you own a home or a car. You will find that it is able to handle different house cleaning environments. Whatever the situation, be it a mess caused by a leaking pipe or dust on the carpet and dog fur in the car, this shop vac has the power and comes with the accessory tools to handle the job.

Features & Benefits of Shop Vac 5986000

Strong Suction

When you are dealing with liquids especially, you will find that you need strong suction to be able to suck the liquid up the hose and into the tank. With this product, that should not be a problem. With a 4.5 peak horse power motor, you should be impressed by how close to dry the surface will be once you attach the right tool. Also when it comes to dry vacuuming, the suction will aggressively suck up fine dust, debris or pet hair much faster than so many other wet and dry vacuums.

Stainless Steel Body

One of the features I found impressive is this one because it increases its durability. I tend to expose the vac to a lot of knocks but I never have to worry that it may crack. What’s more when dealing with liquids, there is no risk of rust. You may also like the design since it just looks unique in comparison to plastic. With a stainless steel tank you should be more convinced that you will not have to replace it too soon.

5 Gallon Tank

I once dropped a 6 pack case of beer and pulled out my Shop vac 5986000, it impressively managed to suck up all the beer off the floor as well as the broken glass and the tank was not even half full by the time I was done. I also used it once to vacuum the toilet after the pipe had been leaking the whole night and it sucked up all the water before I needed to empty it. You probably will find that 5 gallons is more than enough for most of the tasks you will be performing.

Blower Port

If you have trees around your home or you would rather blow dust rather than suck it in, then you would appreciate the ability to easily switch from a vac to a blower. On the rear is a blower port where you can connect the hose and wand then blow whatever you want with just about the same power it sucks with. I like to use this feature to detail the interior of my car and dislodge stubborn dust in corners that cannot be easily sucked up.


For wet messes, you can insert the foam sleeve filter while for dry ones, there is a reusable disc filter that you can insert. You may need to take note that you always use the right filter for the right mess to ensure consistent performance and a long life for the filters and motor. That aside, I am glad that I do not have to buy filters often since the filter is reusable. With regular cleaning of this filter, it should be a long while before you need a replacement which by the way is not hard to find online.


  • The filter is easy to fit and clean
  • The 4.5 HP motor delivers strong suction
  • It can be used for blowing as well as suction
  • The tank is easy to clean
  • The extension wands come in handy when you are vacuuming the floor and you do not want to kneel down
  • It comes with a HEPA filter bag that keeps fine particles inside
  • Automatic shut off when the tank is full


  • The power cord is too short
  • The hose diameter does not work well with chunks of debris.

Key Features

  • Wet and dry filter with a disposable bag
  • 5-gallon stainless steel tank
  • Top carry handle and wheels on the bottom for easy movement
  • 4.5 peak horsepower motor giving strong suction
  • Onboard tool storage
  • Accessory tools including 3 extension wands, crevice tool, squeegee and wet and dry floor nozzle
  • 6-foot power cord

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.Can you fit a hose with a wider diameter?

A.Yes the port is compatible with most of the other hose

Q.Are the wheels detachable?

A.It is possible to unscrew the dolly from the body. The screws are at the bottom


I find that the 5986000 shop vac is one of the more powerful 5 gallon vacuums. If you are looking for a wet and dry vacuum that will aggressively suck up messes, this may just be the right fit for you. Pet owners mat appreciate how fast it sucks up pet hair. This shop vac is more suited for all round home cleaning as well as for your car. It is also a plus that you do not have to spend so much on it.

Andy Evans

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