Shop Vac 9650600 Review

Shop Vac 9650600 Review


One of my major concerns when vacuuming is the quality of the air. Many wet and dry vacuums tend to let dust escape through the exhaust and that can trigger allergies. With this shop vac however, the HEPA filters make it ideal for home use. You can use it for fire places, general vacuuming as well as sucking up water from leaking pipes and the like. This is a shop vac you may find ideal for your home. This shop vac 9650600 review will give you insight into it and help you decide whether to get it.

Shop Vac 9650600

Who is it made for

The typical home owner would like this shop vac. It is designed for complete home cleaning and to ensure that the air in the house remains free from allergens. If you are looking for an everyday shop vac for the usual cleaning needs in a home be it in the living room, fire place, garage, basement and the rooms, this is a vacuum that you may want to consider.

Features & Benefits of Shop Vac 9650600

Fine dust filtration

The kind of filters used in this shop vac along with the filter bags enable it to trap dust in the bag so that you do not have to suffer with allergens. This makes it a good vac for the home if you have to vacuum ash, you can do so with ease. If you have pets, there is usually the risk of allergens in the pet hair but with this vac you can clean up pet hair without a lot of worry.

Big tank

This shop vac has a 6-gallon tank and that should be enough capacity for daily use. If you do not live in a castle, you should be able to vacuum the entire house without having to empty the tank of debris. It may not be big enough to deal with a major flood but for the usual flooding that may occur in a house like an overflowing washing machine or a leaking pipe, 6 gallons is enough to contain it.

Easy to move around

6 gallons can prove to be heavy when full but the shop vac 9650600 has wheels that make it a lot easier to move it around. There is also a handle on the top which helps when navigating the swivel wheels. If you have to go up or down stairs or any uneven surface that the wheels cannot roll over, there are side handles for you to carry the unit with. When on hard floor, you can even pull the vacuum by the horse as you vacuum.

Versatile accessories

Cleaning the house comes with different tasks and the shop vac has accessories that you can use for different surfaces and situations. There is the hose that you will always need to use, a crevice tool for tight spaces like between cushions, a gulper tool, squeegee and filters among others. In case the hose is not long enough, you can connect 3 extension wands which can help when you are vacuuming curtains or the stairs and you may not want to carry the unit on every step.

Strong suction

With a 3.0 peak horsepower motor, you will get sufficient suction to handle different wet and dry vacuuming tasks. The suction is steady unlike some vacuums that lose suction as you use them. The suction seems to be the same when vacuuming dry as well as wet waste. If you will just be using this as a domestic vacuum, you should find the suction adequate for the regular tasks you perform.


  • This is made from hard plastic which makes it durable and easy to clean
  • It has powerful suction
  • It can contain more liquid than other best cheap shop vac
  • Quieter than most shop vacs
  • It has steady suction


  • It does not have a drain port so you need to dump the liquid from the top

Highlighted Features

  • 6-gallon capacity tank
  • 6-foot power cord
  • Accessory tools including hose, filters, extension wands and crevice tool.
  • 3.0 peak horsepower motor
  • Top and side handles
  • Blower port on the back

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.Is this shop vac quiet?

A.Compared to a number of 6-gallon vacs, it is quiet but quiet may not be used to describe it.

Q.Does it have a pump to empty the tank?

A.Unfortunately, it does not, it has a blower instead. To empty the tank you will need to carry it and dump the contents manually.


So for a home owner looking for a main vacuum, this is one you should consider since it has the right amount of suction to deal with daily household dust and debris. It has a filtration system that traps dust.

Andy Evans

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